Nest accelerates the creation of intelligent solutions across a wide range of AI platforms through a series of workshops, which produce valuable results faster.



Discovery Workshop 

Explore the context of the problem space to identify use cases and review the best application of AI within your business.

AI Research 

Use our Service Design approach to identify AI solutions that can optimise current processes and systems, from customer experience to technical architecture.

AI Data Insights

Use AI tools to uncover unseen insights into your data to power actionable business outcomes.




Explore the application of an AI technology with a specific use case. Hackabouts are available for the following tools:

  • Rainbird
  • Watson Knowledge Studio
  • Watson Dialogue
  • Watson NLU
  • Watson Retrieve and Rank
  • Microsoft QnA
  • Microsoft Luis
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Text


Intelligent System Evaluation

Our intensive ISE is an opportunity to review the challenges that your organisation faces and to use our Service Design and AI skills to identify solutions for them. During this 3 week process, we will review the as-is processes, systems and explore the data available in order to develop a clear roadmap to make impactful improvements to your business using AI.


If you would like to find out more about Nest and which of our offerings would be the best fit for you then please get in touch.