We offer a range of packaged and tailored services to deliver the AI solution that’s right for you.

Delivery Framework


Our delivery framework takes you from an unclear or exploratory starting point to an implemented endpoint in the shortest time possible. Nest has been designed to quickly define and design valuable AI solutions for our clients. Fly is focused on developing the solution and delivering it in agile sprints.


We fundamentally changed our business approach after just a few weeks of working with these guys and seeing what they're capable of.


Exploring the business context and the problem space to identify opportunities where AI could add value and drive efficiencies. Define is focused on the identification of use cases and the relevant AI technologies to explore.

Exploring the use cases in detail using our Service Design led approach to review the appropriate AI technologies and design the AI solution that is the best fit for your business.


Development of the solution, whether it is a Proof of Value, a Proof of Concept or a production-ready system. Working in agile sprints to meet deliverables allows us to iteratively develop an AI solution with ongoing feedback from our clients.

Determine is a key step in delivering AI solutions as it ensures that the outcomes are tested and trained prior to launch. It is our process of Supervised Learning to confirm that the solution is trained and validated by SMEs to mitigate false data and output and stabilised prior to being delivered.

Once we’ve developed, trained and validated an AI solution with the business, we work with our clients to deploy it into production. This may be a phased roll out approach or full production delivery, and includes scaling and securing the solution and integrating with your internal infrastructure.

If you’d like to find out more about how we accelerate clients through our Delivery Framework, please get in touch.