We offer a range of packaged and tailored AI services.


Our experience has enabled us to package consulting services that have added value to many previous clients. However, one size does not fit all and we also tailor to fit clients’ particular needs.

Consulting, accelerated with Heron Plus

Intelligent System Evaluation

A 3 week in-depth process to highlight where and how AI can be used to best benefit your business. Throughout this process, we will use Service Design and AI to address the challenges that you have encountered, to review how ready you are for AI and to determine your potential use cases and business case for AI. 

Accelerated Pilot

Our Accelerated Pilot is an opportunity to rapidly define and develop a prototype to quickly assess the value it could add to the business prior to investing the time and costs required for launching it into production. We will work with your team to rapidly define, develop and refine a co-created Pilot.

AI Labs

When you have multiple ideas for AI projects but want to validate them before going to production, then our AI Labs are for you. Our fully immersed Heron team will work collaboratively alongside your team to rapidly develop pilots in order to quickly assess their value and determine whether ideas should be continued or killed.


We work collaboratively with you during our Hackathons to demonstrate the possibilities of AI technologies whilst supporting internal innovation, technical exploration and the value add within your organisation.

AI Data Insights

Have a large amount of data and struggling to make sense of it? With our AI Data Insights package, we will demonstrate the power of AI by providing insights within your data.

Heron AI helped us to understand AI and get a clear view of our technical roadmap


We apply our own 5 D’s approach to delivery. We have developed this approach through our experience of working with emerging technologies and enterprise organisations.

Our approach takes us from an unclear or exploratory starting point to an implemented endpoint in the shortest time possible.

User Focused

For our Design and Define phases we utilise our Service Design background to clearly capture the requirements of the system, user and process.

Agile Delivery

Once we begin the Development, we employ agile delivery of a number of sprints suitable for the project in order to develop a workable and testable element at the end of each sprint.


Our user testing and integration testing enables improvements to the usability cycle. This is ever more important in AI technologies, so our Determine and Deliver phases are inclusive and collaborative.

Although we have packaged our consulting up, we also work on a bespoke perspective with many clients every day. If you would like to hear more about this and discuss your challenges with a member of our team, please get in touch with us.