Contact Centre AI Strategy

AI in call centres is helping to shape the future of customer interactions.

Reduction in hand off to specialists

By having an AI knowledge engine you can bring the best of your business to the people who represent you on the front line. By providing a wider breadth of knowledge you don’t need to hand callers off to specialists so often, improving their experience and your efficiency.

24/7 availability

By using AI cognitive structuring in your webchat services you can automate a number of queries, this creates the opportunity to open your services out to cover the hours your customers need without the cost of supplying the resources on the phones and in response to web chats.

Uniformity and the human touch

By adding a watching eye of sentiment and personality analysis next to a control in the information that is shared, you can begin to create a uniformed approach to the way people interact with your customers and how your brand comes across. An institutional level approach to the how you do things that is emotionally stable and easily variable.

Heron worked with us to look at turning our call centre into a profit centre, its what our customers where asking us for we just couldn't do it on our own.


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