Case Study: Intelligent Inter-dealer Broker


In the traditional ways of working, traders become the bottleneck for negotiations around a trade, bringing unnecessary and unwelcome delays for buyers and sellers. Additionally, traditional communication channels are not auditable, which reduces accountability for mistakes, inefficiencies missed opportunities.

The big players in the market have traditionally acquired their competitors rather than trying to develop innovative solution to gain competitive advantage, leading to outdated practices which are both expensive and unfit for purpose.

In response to this, AiX saw the opportunity to revolutionise the financial sector using AI. They had the idea of developing an Intelligent Inter Dealer Broker and Heron began working with them to define and design the AI powered application.

How did Heron approach this?

The vision was to create a streamlined application capable of handling multiple conversations between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency. AiX worked with Heron to design a virtual broker to transform the market by making trading simpler, more efficient and more transparent and in doing so eliminate the errors, abuse and criminality that plagues financial markets that rely on human brokers.

Technologies Used

  • Decision Management
  • NLP/NLU Chat interface

The Outcome

The output is a smart bot that handles the negotiations of trades between two or more independent parties. This auditable smart bot is faster and easier to scale than the traditional trading process.

The conversational chatbot engages in multiple marketplace conversations simultaneously in a way that a human broker never could, enabling trading to operate at enterprise scale.

AI-brokered trading with AiX is now underway – a world-first for the trading market. The AI-powered automated trading tool is expected to reduce commissions by more than 50% and has the potential to totally disrupt the inter-dealer broker in the traditional market.