Chris Wilkinson explores how a cognitive solution can provide an answer to subject matter experts becoming an internal FAQ resource.

It’s a common complaint in most businesses that their best people don’t spend time doing the things they’d like them to.

Instead of your experienced and knowledgeable experts working on the next generation of business solutions, they’re focussed on repetitive tasks to maintain operational standards.

We frequently hear from customers exploring business challenges that internal experts effectively become an internal resource for colleagues. Providing the ‘quick answer’ to a problem, fielding the difficult questions that are too complex for less junior staff, creating a training document, where to find rarely used information and helping explain that archaic legacy system.

What we hear from the experts is similar; they’ve worked hard, gained experience and put in the extra hours to become an expert in their area. Instead of helping deliver new innovative solutions however, their time is spent helping others do the job they used to do themselves.

A seasoned Manager in the insurance sector articulated this problem rather nicely recently:


Becoming an expert is the death of innovation

This in part helps to explain the common misunderstanding that business focussed AI solutions are simply about replacing people, ‘Lets just create a tool that can do what Steve can do’.

The reality however is that augmenting people is the future, ‘Lets help Steve get back to doing what he does best’.

Try imagining a scenario where every person in your business (and your customers), has access to your most qualified decision maker, at the same time, at any time of the day and from any location. Difficult, yes?

An AI based cognitive solution can offer exactly this; a decision maker created and maintained by your very best people, accessible to both employees and customers through multiple channels, 24 hours a day and making the right decisions accurately and consistently. As an added bonus the business still has it’s experts engaged on the projects they really want them focussed on.

An oft repeated criticism of these solutions is that the expert whose knowledge we’re encoding will be resistant to the idea. In fact the opposite is true; turning their expertise into a scaleable solution is both an exciting project in itself and an opportunity to create innovative new business solutions.

If you’d like to discuss how this could be applied to your business, get in touch here!

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