Heron are leaders in a new wave of technology consultancies focusing on Artificial Intelligence

Born out of a recognition that our clients want to understand more about new and emerging technologies but not to miss out either through a lack of understanding or the need to spend a large amount of time making their business fit the tools they have been introduced to.

When we realised this, we immediately decided to create a new approach focusing on the business challenges rather than the technology.  Building solutions with the users rather than the code at the centre of how they are designed.

We provide thought leadership to our clients as standard and we bring the right tools to meet their needs, then we turn that knowledge and experience into insights and bespoke outcomes that suit their requirements.

The Heron Values


- Pattern matching, discovery & prediction
- Document classification
- Sentiment analysis
- National Language Processing
- Actionable theme creation
- Automated data repurposing
- Analyse data based on complex human rules
- Make data analysis insights actionable
- Learn about your customers


- Automate tasks & decisions
- Augment human workers
- Complex decisioning
- 24x7 operations
- Unlocking scarce expertise
- Increasing the value of organisational knowledge
- Centralised, consistent decision-making
- Join disparate expertise
- Conversational smart forms
- Efficient cognitive operational expansion


- Automated conversational messaging - synchronous or asynchronous (chat bots)
- New cognitive products & services
- Tailored product design
- Audited, automated decision-making in regulated environments
- Automated diagnoses, recommendations and/or predictions

Our Senior Team


James Loft – CEO

James has been running professional services within the Artificial Intelligence market for two years. A senior leader who has worked in numerous complex and large scale innovation and service design initiatives he specialises in creating new possibilities and business impacts around new technologies. He is both a disrupter and a collaborator but above all he
is excited by the opportunities AI offers to a vast collection of business challenges faced everyday.

James Duez – Chairman

Repeat technology entrepreneur turned Business Angel, ex-trumpeter and obsessive jazz fiend.

James is an experienced business and technology innovator having co-founded and exited three previous successful businesses.


Katie Gibbs – Head of Accelerated Consulting

Katie has extensive experience delivering transformation projects and innovation initiatives to drive demonstrable change in organisations. She has a natural ability to help clients articulate their needs and uses her service design background to guide them through their AI journey to create meaningful solutions.

Russell Goldie – Head of Client Engagement

Since writing code for image recognition in the AI module of his Computer Science degree (several decades ago!), Russell has seen steady progress in the field of AI.  From large, well known solutions to smaller niche players, there is a wealth of capability at differing levels of maturity that clients welcome the help of navigating.  Russell helps clients and partners experience AI solutions that are delivering benefit for today’s forward thinking companies.