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We are Heron AI, delivering technology-agnostic consultancy and solutions using Applied Artificial Intelligence.

What Clients say to Us



Dedicated AI Consultancy.

Unlike other consultancies, AI isn’t just a department at Heron. You’ll only find us working on Artificial Intelligence projects.





Product Independence.

We have a partner network that allows us to bring together technologies that have never been combined before; we are the specialists and integrators that tackle challenges holistically.




Packaged Services.

Accelerate your AI journey using our modular consulting offerings that align to your organisation’s needs, or help you identify them. 




Developing New Products & IP.

We combine your expertise with the latest technologies to create new products and release latent IP within the organisation.



Heron think of the things that I hadn’t even thought about yet. They are always striving for the optimal solution, rather than the path of least resistance.

How did our client improve colleague access to relevant information?

They engaged Heron to convert Search to Ask

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How did our client get more value from all their data?


They engaged Heron’s Packaged Consulting Services

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How did our client improve customer satisfaction and up sell opportunities?

Heron implemented a machine learning based solution to enable clients needs to be serviced quickly

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